OPDS Library in Library View?

Would it be possible to have a permanently open view of an OPDS library available from the “library” tab? Currently, if using OPDS-PS (through Kavita in this instance), you are able to see items in “Reading Now” and through the import options, but they are not shown in the library itself. Would be nice to just have everything show up in the library view as if the items were local (maybe have an icon to denote what is local and what isn’t?)

Hello @ltlems
At the moment we separate between your device library (shown in the app as “On my iPhone/iPad”) and other remote libraries like Kavita. If you go to libraries, and tap Content, you should see your OPDS library and you should be able to navigate through the comics as in library view (just that the content from OPDS is not mixed with the content that’s downloaded locally). Comics that are not downloaded into the device will show a cloud icon, tap them to download. I hope that helps