OPDS format selection

When importing with opds, panels doesn’t let you choose what format to import a book in when multiple formats are available, which can lead you to be unable to import some books.

For example, for this series I have all books available in opds in cbz, pdf, and epub, but panels seemingly randomly selects a format for each book. This means that I can’t even import the third book at all since panels is only showing the epub version, even though pdf and cbz versions are available.

Being able to choose the format would avoid this issue, or even just panels always choosing a supported format if it’s available.

I’m using calibre-web as the opds server, let me know if there’s other useful info I can provide. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback @fuzzytipsy

Panels doesn’t select formats whatsoever. We show whatever the server is returning. I didn’t even know you could have multiple formats for the same item in an OPDS server.
In this case, Calibre is the one deciding which formats appear in the OPDS feed. But maybe there’s a way to pass the OPDS server a list of valid formats to “help” it decide which ones to show.

We will look into this.

As far as I can tell, including multiple formats is a standard part of the opds specification https://specs.opds.io/opds-1.2#23-acquisition-feeds and https://specs.opds.io/opds-1.2#53-acquiring-publications have some examples/details. Currently, Panels seems to be getting only the last format listed, based on some quick checking against the raw xml. Let me know if it would be helpful to send in xml like this from my calibre-web server. I know opds fixes like this probably aren’t a high priority, but I really appreciate that you’re looking into it. Thank you!

@fuzzytipsy thanks for pointing this out. I had no idea. Sounds like our OPDS parser is not conforming to the standard correctly.

It’s on my list to fix in the next release.