OPDS downloads stuck at 0% (not queued)

As far as I can tell this is distinct from the downloads stuck as queued issue. Whenever I try to import any file from opds (cbz or pdf) it remains stuck at 0% in the downloads tab. I’ve been having this issue for a while and it still happens with the latest TestFlight release. I can import the same files through network storage via the files option. My opds is calibre-web over http with a username and password. I can import the same files from opds into other apps. I was previously able to import files from the same opds into panels successfully.

Hi, how did you configure your calibre? I can’t even select any comic files.

I’m using calibre-web running in a docker container rather than the built in calibre opds server, but I’m using essentially default options, I think.

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This is still happening on the latest TestFlight version, is there any information I can send to help diagnose the issue?

Hey @fuzzytipsy

We are happy to diagnose the problem if you give us access to your server. We don’t need access to your whole library. If you can create a testing account with access to just one or two files, we’ll try to reproduce the problem.

Reach us out at panels@produktstudio.com