Opds downloads sort of broken on m4 ipad

Couldn’t find another thread with the same issues but heres a list of whats broken, i’m guessing they might be new things since no one made a thread about any of them. I just got panels for the first time, also the opds server is a komga one with latest version and everything is over ssl.

  • When switching apps and coming back to panels the two latest downloads won’t restart without manually having to stop them and retry.
  • When closing panels app the download list is emptied.
  • While browsing stuff to add to queue the app sometimes goes into a super slow mode or freezes while the ipad burns up, forcing you to quit the app and re-add whole queue.
  • The complete first page in view on the downloads tab shows the wrong covers until you swipe up and down.

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into it.