OPDS Downloads Failing

Having some weird download behavior over the last couple releases.

I’m downloading from Komga as a OPDS provider.

I’ve noticed that quite frequently that downloads will often hang at 98% and then everything freezes up. There’s no errors, no reported problems, but everything stalls out. Even after restarting the app, really weird behavior.

I can provide access to the komga server if that would help troubleshoot.

In the instance of the 98% downloading, the app eventually crashed.

When I started it back up, it was on the Downloads tab, which was empty.

If I hit the button to give me the shelf pullout, the whole app becomes unresponsive.

Here’s a screenshot to illustrate

It actually completed a couple before failing.

I was able to get it to handle batches of 2, 4, and 6 (I think) but it failed in 9 queued for download.

Hey @Clay , could you provide a testing account for us so we can try to reproduce the issue?

I’ve just tested downloads on our Komga server and works just fine for us.
Also, could you let us know what version of Komga your server is using?

details sent!

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Thanks!! I will look into it today. Sorry for the late reply. We’re a bit swamped.

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Hey @Clay , we just released a new Testflight with some fixes in the OPDS integration. Could you try it and let us know if you can download files as expected?

I tested the integration with your test account and could download several files without a problem.

Hopefully, this version works better for you.

I’m having the same problem on Komega v0.157.5-master. I’ve tried the testflight but it did not alleviate

The steps I’m taking are

  1. Go into the remote library
  2. Go into a folder that has 25 manga issues in it. Each issue is 5-30 megs
  3. Select all
  4. copy to iPad

I can provide a test account and more info if that’s helpful. Just let me know where to send it


I should note that I don’t have this problem with Mylar

Interesting. I’m noticing I’m having issues with a specific file that’s locking it up. What’s the best way to get you logs or access?

Yep, same problem/behavior with the TestFlight version.

Should note that it only happens if I queue up several (like 6+) for download.

Small numbers it handles just fine.

We are kind of at a dead end with this, folks. I’ve tested the downloads using @Clay 's testing account, and I can download many comics at once without a problem. I just tested it again and could download 54 files in one go.

Could you find some diagnostic logs in your device(s) and send them to us? Sending App Diagnostics

Maybe we find something that helps us understand what’s going on.

I sent one - hopefully it helps! Also send the crash reports from TestFlight

Thank you so much @Clay

We found something in your logs, and we have made some changes. We weren’t getting any crash reports because the app wasn’t crashing, but iOS was killing it. It looks like Panels was locking the main thread on your device for a few seconds, and that caused the system to kill the app.

Hopefully, the new Testflight works better. Let us know if it made any difference.

So it no longer seems to freeze the app, but the app still gets stuck at 98%, and the menus stop responding. See screenshots.

Unfortunately it’s no longer crashing/getting killed so I can’t find additional logs to send :rofl:

WTF :dotted_line_face:

I’m starting to think the problem has nothing to do with the OPDS download but maybe with something in your local library. The last 2% of the download process corresponds to indexing the file locally. If it reaches 98%, the download is completed correctly, and it is tracking it in the local database.

There is additional information you can send to us. If you go to the app settings/profile, there is an Email Us button in the Contact Us section. If you tap and hold for a few seconds, the app will attach additional debug information to the email. Could you please send it to us? The debug data includes statistics about your local library.

We can try reproducing a similar scenario on our end and see if the app gets stuck.

Ok, sent you a few emails.

  1. recording of seeing it happen with the 01/22 build
  2. debug output after clean install
  3. debug output after adding the OPDS source and creating a folder to download into
  4. debug output after failed downloads. Whatever impacts the menus seems to prevent generating the debug email, so i had to kill the stuck files and deleted the queued ones, as well as restarting. Not sure if that will still give you useful details, but it was the only option I’ve got.
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Hi! Not sure if this is helpful but I have the EXACT same app behavior except I source from Dropbox.

  1. Noticed for first time 3-4 weeks ago. I had not had any issues prior.
  2. Only happens when downloading multiple titles. Sometimes I can get away with 5-6 but at some point one will stick at 98%
  3. Once one sticks the app becomes unusable - even after killing it, restarting my iPad, etc. Only clean uninstall allows it to be usable again.
  4. I agree something seems to be happening after the download but before it gets marked complete

I’ll keep watching this thread, will send debug info after failed downloads.


One of us!

Could you install the latest Testflight 2.13.13 (202301231515) and let us know if it made any difference? :pray: