ODPS reading crash report

When using the ODPS connector using Kavita, the Panels app crashes on the second to last or last page. It works flawlessly up until the last page or two of each book no matter the format. I’ve updated both Kavita, panels, and iOS to try and rectify, and nothing seems to fix it.

I reached out to Kavita through their discord, and they said I should let you know. They were able to replicate my experience on their end using their own hardware and comic files.

Love Panels. Thanks for such an exquisite reading experience.

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Thank you so much for flagging this :pray:

Could you reach us out at support@panels.app (or DM me) and send us your support identifier? (you’ll find it at the bottom of the settings page in the app) We can use it to find the crash logs and understand what’s going on.

I have this same issue. Using OPDS from Ubooquity. Get to second to last, or last page of cbz and crash to iOS springboard. Repeatable almost 100%. Sometimes can reduce crash chance by downloading cached copy before opening. No crashes at all with files actually imported to local library and opened from there with same files.

Support Info:
Version: 2.11.2 Build: 202202040023 Env: Production

Just checking in to say that I just started using panels specifically for ODPS and have the exact same issue on 2.11.4. Will send my support info to the email as requested.


Checking in. I have not been able to recreate this issue so far with the 2.11.7 update which reports it fixed in change log.