Numerous titles randomly deleted

Hi all,

I’ve been a longtime user of the Panels app and have never had an issue until today. I have recently noticed the odd title missing, and have this morning been poking around the various folders in my collection.

Upon opening some folders, I was surprised to see the comics inside simply vanish. I’ve been through the whole of my collection now, and seen some 100gb of titles just randomly disappear.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Please note - all my titles had been downloaded directly to my iPad, so I don’t think this is an iCloud issue.

Just some further clarification of my concerns - open up a ‘Batman’ main folder to see several sub-folders as normal. Enter ‘Batman-Misc’, a folder which contains 20 files, the files all disappear before my eyes. Those are now gone, and the folder is empty.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks everyone, happy holidays!

Hey @stuangell

Are your titles in an iCloud folder? Can you clarify whether the files have been deleted or offloaded (removed the local copy but they’re still on iCloud)

Dani, good to hear from you - thanks for your response.

The comics were all downloaded locally to my iPad. On encountering the deletion problem they vanished from the app/the iPad’s local storage.

There were no associated folders in iCloud before or after this issue.


:thinking: that’s quite weird. Panels doesn’t have code paths to delete content automatically. Under any circumstances, files should be deleted.

We will investigate. I’m sorry that you lost those files :sweat: