Not sure how to use the new beta

Love that there is nested collections, but how do I nest within the app? Also, hah, I can’t seem to move comics at all into any collections anymore. If I select a comic and hit the “…” option there’s no mention of moving anymore. Am I missing something?

I also tested the files option, which is great! It did take a while for the updates there to be reflected in the app - I restarted it a bunch of times, then it finally updated.

Thanks for the new version! Lots of great potential, with a few bugs or user error issues on my side. :slight_smile:

Hello @rylocks
Thanks for your feedback and for helping us refine the next version testing the beta.

  • How do I nest within the app?
    As long as you are in your device library, you can tap the 3 dots (top right) and then select “New Collection”. This will create a new folder in that level, you can nest as many as you want. Changes should reflect in Files app.

  • Moving
    You can either drag that comic (for multiple, you can start the drag for 1 comic, then without lifting your finginer, with another finger, tap more comics) into a collection. Or you can tap “Copy”. Then go to the destination, tap on the 3 dots, and choose betwen duplicate, move or link.

Interesting that changes took a while to appear, we will take a look at that. We rescan the library when the app reopens and every minute, and shouldn’t take long. You can also force the rescan from settings - library - re-index library.

I hope that answer your questions!

Thank you so much, the copy worked perfectly. i can’t ‘drag and drop’ for some reason, it shifts the collection as i move the comics onto it.