No idea how to upload now that Embeded Web Server is gone

Been using Panels for a very long time and now that I’ve rolled over to a “Backer” and the app has updated, I don’t see the Embedded Web Server option.

All in all, this was the simplest way to just drop items in on the same network and be done. Now I have no idea what method is clean and easy like this and honestly the interface for uploading isn’t nearly as helpful as it was before. Trying to upload some reading before a flight just went from instant to me writing here in an attempt to “fix” it.

Any way to still use the Embedded Web Server option?

Under reading now click the profile icon at the top it should be there. It is for me


Sorry about this folks. It’s clear that we miscommunicated this change. (Actually, we didn’t communicate it at all)

We haven’t removed the embedded web server. It’s just that we moved it into Settings. The embedded web server is not really an “Import Service” but a “Receiving Service”… or something like that…
It gets the content pushed from outside the app instead of pulling content in. We thought it shouldn’t belong in the import section because the UI is completely different. If you tap on it you wouldn’t get the import interface.
We wanted to make the Import Flows more consistent and we decided to move it somewhere else. But many people are missing it.
We are planning to add some UI elements that might help people find it.

Apologies for the confusion :pray:

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