New user UX feedback

Hey creators,

Panels is so cool! I hope you don’t mind if I list some things I’ve noticed as a new user.

  • I’m really missing sub-Collections. As it is, I have 6 “Collections” at the root of my Library for a single comic, the first I’ve migrated to Panels.

  • It’d be very helpful if Collections had a visible titles in the Library screen. (This would be less of an issue if Collections could have sub-Collections.)

  • When uploading files to Panels, it’d save me so much time/hassle if they went into the Collection I’m viewing instead of always going into Library root.

— Charles

(I’ll keep adding to this list, thanks!)

Like this ?

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Thanks for all the feedback @Charles

Sub-collections are coming. Not sure when, but it’s one of our main priorities.