New bug found

hello there. I’ve just found a new bug. while i was trying to zoom-in a page with the one-tap gesture, the page was then relocated to the top left of the screen. this happens everytime with every comics and also any pages but it will resolve spontaneously after continue reading the same comic(everytime i restart the app, this will happen too)

thank you so much :slight_smile:

i’m currently using ipad pro 11 and iphoneX with ios13.1.3 (happen with both devices)

ps. i will upload the video ASAP.

Hello @Smartupid
Thanks a lot for that. Sorry I did not answer before but I read your message and I was able to reproduce it and fix it. It is available in our beta v1.12. You can try it here:

I am not exactly sure when this new version will be available (we are still fixing things…) but hopefully soon.