New beta - iOS 13 compatible

Hello everyone,

We have been working pretty hard to make Panels compatible with iOS 13. This OS version was packed with new features and we are aware that a lot of you have had a few problems when upgrading.

We have just released a new Panels beta compatible with iOS 13. This new beta fixes many problems and also adds a few new features:

  • Import from external drive (select “Import from Files”)
  • More sorting modes
  • Light&dark mode compatibility
  • New and improved themes (this new themes will come in the next beta update later today)

There are still a few issues with this beta, the main one is that Drag&drop from other apps into Panels is crashing the app.
If you find any other issues, we will really appreciate if you could let us know.

If you are not a beta tester and want to join, follow this link: