Need help to setup Ubooquity with panels

Hello ! So first thank you to the devs panels is amazing and I love it I’ve been using it for almost a month and wouldn’t think about using another app !

So here is the deal, I have an ubooquity running behind a reverse proxy, and I can access it outside of my network. I just went premium on panels to use it alongside my ubooquity server but I can’t figure out why I can’t setup it.

I didn’t change the port of the server (still 2202) and when I past the exact same URL that I use in a browser with correct user credentials I can’t connect to the server and I get « the request timed out ». I made sure that I have OPDS feed enabled so I don’t understand why it doesn’t work. I use to do my reverse proxy, maybe it’s because of that ?

Thank you guys for helping me, I really love this app and went premium to support devs but also to connect my ubooquity server to the app

Hi @Myhrdin

Do you have HTTPS set up in your server? connecting to remote servers using domain names requires a secure connection (this is not a requirement if you use an IP).

If you create a user for us in your server (no need to have access to the content) we could give your setup a look and try to reproduce the problem.
Feel free to send us the credentials vía DM if you feel like it.

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Thank you for your answer @dani , I have HTTPS set up in my server but maybe it’s linked with the certificate of my domain, I’m not so good with that.

I just created an account for test purposed, should I put credentials here or send them on DM ? Thank you for your help

Send them by DM :wink:

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I don’t find any DM section here, am I missing something ?

Just click/tap on my avatar and you should see a blue “Message” button

I don’t have it but can I DM you somewhere else ? Discord or something ? Because I don’t have any messages section here :confused:

My discord username is Myhrdin#3303, sorry to make it so complicated but I really want to make it work because I love panels :slight_smile:


Were you able to get Ubooquity support working behind a reverse proxy? I’m having an issue as well, but a different error message: Unable to find server error. Please check that your settings are correct and you are in the same network.

I can reach my OPDS feed on my iPad using Safari by going to Entering that hostname and 443 as the port returns the error above.

@dani I can create a dummy account for you to test, but I must be blind because I don’t see a blue “Message” button when I click your profile.

Hi @Chrrs

Out of curiosity, why are you setting the port 443? Is it just because you are using https or because your server is actually serving on port 443?
443 is the default https port for serving web content, the same way 80 is the default for http. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that every https connections must use 443.

Unless you’ve changed it, your server should still be serving on port 2202 (Ubooquity’s default).

A reverse proxy should work just fine, but it also depends on how you’ve set it up. Some proxies or Docker container configurations also forward the port. Your server can be serving on port 2202 but then your proxy might be re-routing it to port 80/443.

My suggestion is that you first try using port 2202, and if that doesn’t work, leave the port undefined.

Having an account to test would work. If you create one for us to test, send the credentials by DM.
I just double-checked it and I have my DMs open :thinking: I’ll send you a message so you can answer me.

I am also having problems getting Ubooquity set up with my Panels app. But my problem is a lot more basic.

Like, what exactly should the Host name URL look like? I’m coming off using Chunky TNG, and it auto detected my host and I just had to provide the “yourip:yourport/opds-comics” bit along with my Windows User name and password.

This is asking for a http:// address and the username and password for Ubooquity itself? (or is it still my Windows User log-in? I don’t think I have a username for Ubooquity, just a password)

Can I get the set up of this explained a little more clearly?


The issue on my configuration was a wrong port, so yes it work behind a reverse proxy, I’m using https if it can help


It’s asking for you ubooquity adress, so basically the URL you type to access your server on a browser, if you have a reverse server it should look like but if it’s only local it should be something like “MyServerIp:Port”

You can manage the accounts on the security part on the admin panel of ubooquity, I hope it’s helps you


When i look at my local server, the URL looks like


I tried plugging my IP address into the localhost part and haven’t had any further luck connecting.

Wow. Okay. so the trick seems to be, just slap your raw IP address into the URL slot, with nothing else. And have your port, username, and password set up.

Got it working now.


Hi James,
Can you help me out, I’m having the same issue you had, not sure if I need to do more with my router and or Ubooquity.
On the router side I have my IP address pointing to TCP 2202.
I have opds enables in Ubooquity
For panels I put in after https my raw IP address, then for port I use 2202, Ubooquity from what I can see doesn’t use User IDs so that’s blank, and password is the one I created for Ubooquity when I first used it.
Am I missing something?! Any help is appreciated. As I can’t seem to use opds anywhere else either

Okay, so I’m pretty sure your problem is with the Username and Password part. You don’t use your Ubooquity password. Instead, open the Ubooquity Admin Screen and go to the Security Tab. Click Add User and create a really simple username and password. Then go to the Comics tab and next to your Shared Folder there is an icon with a two people, click that and choose the User name you just set up. Save and Restart Ubooquity.

When you want to use Ubooquity in Panels, that is the Username and Password you need to use. Hope this helps.

EDIT: Also, take out the Https and backslashes part of the IP Address. When I say RAW IP, I mean just the IP.

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I recommend using Komga over Ubooquity. Ubooquity annoys me with its requiring the admin thing to run on a different port, the root path stuff, and other things.

Thanks James! I’ll give that a shot

Hi Clay,
Never used that program. Is it similar to Ubooquity? At this point I’m mainly looking for a way to neatly share my organized digital comic collection with my family and access it when not in my home (without needing a NAS set up or some file exchange with google drive or Dropbox) I hoped Comicrack would do it but that doesn’t seem to work, so trying Ubooquity.

Yes, very much like Ubooquity, except a little less janky and with a very responsive developer.