Need help setting up Ubooquity

Hi there, just starting using this app today. I recently setup Ubooquity on a seedbox (, and am having a bit of trouble setting up the library.
I am unsure of how to setup UB on my server with an HTTPS vs an HTTP, which i think may be the issue.
Here is a screenshot of the info I have input. I know its likely a simple issue I am missing, but any info or tips would be greatly appreciated!


If you are accessing your server using a domain name, you have to use HTTPS.

Your configuration seems correct except for the http. You don’t need to specify the port in the host field if you are already defining it in the port one. But it should work just fine nonetheless.

Try using https and let us know if that solved the problem.
Also, make sure you have access to your server via web browser. The URL should be the same except for the opds-comics last bit.

Thanks for the tips! Ill give it a go today and update.

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