Need help setting up Ubooquity to work with Panels

I used to have Ubooquty set up with a port opened on my router to forward to my machine but I’ve since started to use the reverse proxy on my Synology DSM however I’m having problems with getting it set up in Panels.

So I have forwarding to which is where Ubooquity is installed.

I can open it up on a web browser (though the main “comics” link doesn’t open however the “latest comics” page does work), however I can’t seem to set it up in Panels as in I can’t even establish a connection to it, tried using port 443 doesn’t find anything and the default port 2202 isn’t open on the router so that’s going to go nowhere.

I used to use Chunky and Ubooquity worked with http connections but I did have the port open which I no longer do.

Please help me set this up. I’m using the 2.0 beta at the moment and if I can get it working, I’ll unlock the premium version.