Need GIF support!

I use Panels to read image sets, not just comics.
it’s just few, but there’s exists animated gif comics for sure!

I read this just few minutes ago, but I don’t think support GIFs on this app is nothing makes something bad. but makes something good!

Hi @rua

Thanks for the feedback. We take all the feedback and feature requests very serious.

But there are many things to take into account when adding, not only a new format, but a new type of media. All the different reading modes are designed to work with still images.
Adding a new image format is something we can totally do. Actually we’ve done this in the past with webp. That was a feature request in this forum.
But adding animated GIF support opens a new list of problems to solve. Like how the gestures would work, how the zoom would behave,… and also a lot of technical challenges.
On top of that, GIF is completely out of the scope of a comic reader and would only satisfy the requirements of a minority.

We don’t want Panels to become a generic media player. It wasn’t designed for that.

Other users have requested adding support to videos or ebooks. Our answer is always the same:
We want Panels to be very good at one thing only. Reading comics.

Summarising: we are happy to implement things that only satisfy a minority as long as the impact on the design/development is small. But I’m afraid GIF is very unlikely to be supported in Panels, at least in the short-medium term.

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aww… ok, i understand. but even if it takes a long time, it’d be nice if it happens later though.