Missing Library

Hello guys!
I’ve just updated to 2.9.4 and copied 2 .cbrs into the app through iTunes. After that, when I opened Panels, my WHOLE 20GB library is missing! It is not deleted from what I can tell from the space but it’s just not there…
Any clue what’s going on?

Edit: Sadly, I tried to clear the cache and it seems that everything is deleted… :frowning:

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Same thing happened to me just now. I updated to the beta as I was instructed to do in another thread. Uploaded that just fine. Later on it tells me the beta ended and I needed to upgrade (although I am already subscribed.) I had to redownload the app but when I open it all of my comics (over 100gb worth) are all gone.

Thanks for flagging. We just paused the release and we are investigating this issue.

Hey folks, is it possible that you installed the beta and, somehow installed the previous version 2.9.3 from the AppStore?

Could you confirm if the version you have installed is 2.9.4

2.9.4 moved the database to a different folder and downgrading the app can cause the app not to find the database.

If you have 2.9.3 or lower installed, could you install the beta and keep it until 2.9.4 is fully rolled out by Apple? Join the Panels - Comic Reader beta - TestFlight - Apple

Hola Dani,

For sure, I wasn’t on the beta. I was on 2.9.3 and the bug occurred upon updating to 2.9.4.

When I opened the app after the update, everything seemed normal. It was after adding the files through iTunes.

If it helps, even now that the app is stripped clean, after adding some comics, 2 out of 3 times that I’ve tried, the files weren’t visible in the library. There are two folders visible in iTunes, one of them is called comics and it usually sucks the .cbrs. This time even if it sucked them, they weren’t visible in the app. But then again that was not consistent, it happened 2 out of 3 times I tried adding files.

We found the problem. It turns out that the container where we moved the database into, can be deleted by iOS when the device is low in disk space.
This causes the app to lose all the indices and appear empty.

We’re uploading a new Testflight that fixes this problem (moves the database to a protected container). We’ll release it on the AppStore this week.

Sorry for the inconvenience :sweat: :pray:

Glad to be of help, even at the loss of my library! I will rebuild now that it’s safe!

Thanks, Dani!

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Hello there!

I need help with this same issue. I have the 2.9.7 version on my iPad Pro (15.2).
I added a lot of files while having plenty of storage.

Now, when I go to iTunes to find my comics, I can’t find them but I can see that it’s still taking up storage.

Please, help!

Thank you in advance

Hey @nic93

Please, contact us at support@panels.app. Sounds like it’s something different.