Make Favorites Browsable

The ability to favorite from across your libraries is great! Right now you can only view your favorites on a per-favorite basis via the sidebar though. It would be great if you could select “Favorites” in the sidebar and view all of your favorites collected in the same type of grid view as your library. This would make your favorites feel like a personally curated library instead of a list of completely independent folders.

Thanks for the feedback @GsMumbo

We’ll keep it in mind, but it would be quite out of scope at the moment.
Presenting content in library-style has lots of implications that can’t be easily ported from a Favorite at the moment.
Currently, they are just abstract navigation links with a name. But in order to add them to a Library we would need meta information like the number of items contained in it, the cover thumbnails, and more…
Also, if you open a Favourite you’ll see that it also contains information about the navigation stack. You can create one from 2-3 levels deep in an OPDS server, and opening would recreate all the previous levels.

Though we have some ideas to aggregate content from different sources, and maybe in the future we’ll be able to show them the way you’re thinking.

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