Magnifying glass text/and zoom lock pages

It would be interesting to see in the panels lab, some ideas that have already been put into practice, but have not yet been added, such as the magnifying glass to increase text only (not all page), as well as to see the option to fix a position from page to page to hide page borders introduced.
Great app, congrats, these days it has been my choice to read some comics, take into account those two suggestions that I make above, because it is what I miss most when reading some comics where the text size is smaller and not so noticeable in my ipad mini.

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Look this picture page from the Skeleton using the application Comic zeal to exemplify.
Second picture below no borders (lock option turned on), next page maintains the same position, and so on

(Still waiting for a response from developers. Really hope they could prioritize this feature.)

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Came here to say exactly that. At least horizontal zoom should be locked. That way, you can zoom on a page enough to remove the side borders, and keep scrolling down in VerticalScroll mode to read the comic. It would be a much better experience in the iPad mini, where the screen real estate is quite limited.

Also, the “Send us an email” link immediately gets out of the app in a new iPad mini 5, so that’s probably a bug. I’ve had a couple of other crashes here and there but they’re nota big deal. Othwewise it’s an amazing app.

If someone from the team could respond I would appreciate seeing if it would be possible to implement both features mentioned above in a next version of the application.

Hi, sorry for the late response.

We’ve considered the magnifying glass a few times, but we truly believe that the existing solution is much better (tap + hold). Please, give it a try and let us know if that would suit your needs.
It’s true that is not available in all the readers, like PanelsView or the Vertical Scroll. But normally using the device in landscape mode works great for VerticalScroll when you want to see the text (and everything else) a bit bigger.

About the zoom locking. This is something we are definitely implementing shortly. We are still designing the right interface for it. But this feature will come shortly.

What I can say is that it is an nice feature, but in practice it becomes a little confusing after a certain use, and when I keep my finger pressed occasionally is painful.
The idea would be to implement that feature mentioned already since it was put into practice (tested) some time ago,

which was to prime the text only once and the magnifying glass fit the text (OCR text recognition) and rest my finger, once created even if they are placed in the panels lab so that you can use it, believe that the owners of an ipad would be more delighted with this solution.

Great to hear that, I hope to see that mode in the next update, please Dani.:slight_smile:

We appreciate your feedback. We’ll give it another thought and reconsider the magnifying glass.

The magnifier based on OCR is something we’ve explored and it’s still an ongoing project. We are not super happy with the result and that’s why we haven’t released it yet. But we definitely want to do it eventually.

Great to hear that, I hope to see that mode in the next update,

I’m going to be completely transparent and say that it’s very unlikely that we add it in the next release. We’ve been working on one of the biggest releases in Panels yet. That will come with many great features, but mostly focused on improving the Library, Import flows, and overall design.

We are planning to focus on “readers” after that. That’s where these features would fit in.

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