Long load time for large library

I am viewing comics on a iPad Pro 12 inch. I am connecting to a local Komga server via OPDS. I have several thousand comics and every time I open my library I have to wait a very long time for everything to fully load so I can scroll smoothly. If I back out of the library and go back into it I experienced the same load time. If I want to scroll down to the comics that begin with the letter O for example I have to wait for everything to finish loading otherwise scrolling gets extremely laggy and eventually locks up entirely. I have to keep tapping the screen to keep the iPad awake because if it locks it bring the library back to a and I have to start scrolling all over again.
I really like being able to see the comic covers while selecting a comic which is the main reason for me to move over from Chunky, however Chunky does not take near as long to load my library nor does it reset everything when the screen times out. I would hope that the app would create a local database containing the images and would merely need to update with any changes on each load. Is there anything that can improve performance? Is this a bug or is panels unable to handle large libraries?