Local Storage?

I’m not able to see a Panels folder in the “on my iPad” folder in Files. Is there supposed to be one? Where are the files in the app stored once they’re imported?

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Hi @PieceofHart

For now, the storage folder is not visible or accessible from outside the app. This is so by design. But we are working on changing how the app stores the files and will enable the access from outside the app in upcoming releases. It should be released in a few of months.


Just purchase premium today as this is a fantastic app. Would love to see this update and be able to drop new files directly via Files.


Hi, are there any updates on this feature?

Not yet. We’ll let you know when this is ready.

Hi there. I’m likely to move from iComics to Panels, but the one thing I would truly miss would be the ability to drag/drop, or at least move files to a location on my iPad locally. Importing files seems to denote copying and that’s not an option due to limited space whereas moving files is optimal. Any updates on this?

Hello @gerbick
We are still working towards that goal. It is a fundamental change on how Panels works, and not only that, we need to migrate the library to the new system.
We are getting there, but there is still a lot of testing we need todo.

Thanks for your patience.

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Thank you for the response! I’m quite sure it’s an undertaking. Sadly I have a larger collection and moving it around would be easier once I get it on the device than copying. I’ll keep an eye out and best of luck!

Thank you again for the prompt reply.

I’d like to add something to what @victor explained. The work required to be able to open the sandbox and allow users to have access to their local storage is complete and we’ve been using it internally for a few weeks/month now, and works great. But, as Victor correctly pointed out, we need to migrate the existing libraries. As there is a potential risk of data loss, we’re spending quite a lot of time testing this process and polishing edge cases.
The migration is fully implemented but we want to keep testing it until we are 100% confident that everything is going to work as expected.

We think we are getting close to being confident enough to release it as a beta and, with the help of some of you, stress test the app and the migration process.

Hopefully, we’ll have things to share very soon :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you for your further explanation. I’ll definitely keep an eye out when you offer up a beta via TestFlight, or otherwise. I’ll gladly queue up to assist with testing.

Thank you for the clarification.

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