Latest release: Panels v1.5

We released Panels v1.5 very recently and we would love to know your thoughts on the new features.

Among many others, there are 2 main features we worked very hard to introduce.

List view

Completely new way to visualize your library. We believe this is a nice addition for people that needed to see the comic titles. As much as we love to show big covers, we believe found a good compromise by adding 2 visualization modes.


Panels has many different ways of importing comics. However, importing from iTunes, airdrop or embedded server could be improved. That is why we introduced the inbox. Now you can keep reading and using the app while your comics are being imported to your device. Once they reach the inbox, you can review them and decide which ones you want to import to your library.

As mentioned before, along with this features we also introduced many others, like searching or quick gestures to close collections.

We hope you enjoy the new Panels version.

Please let us know your thoughts!

Of all the comic readers i used,this is by far the best! That is why I immediately purchased it. Only one thing I dont like is whenever I’m not connected to internet, the apps is showing the remove ads page while reading, even though I already paid the app. Hope you will fixed this in the next update. Gracias!

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Hello @wheng

Thank you very much for your kind words!

That is a very important bug… we are already preparing a new version, 1.5.3, we will make sure this fix is included.

And thank you for joining the community :slight_smile:

user interface of this app is so awesome. it would be really nice if i can rename my files and collections

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@Smartupid I agree renaming collections should be possible, thank you for your suggestion. I am not so sure if many users will benefit from renaming files from within the app… maybe you can open a new thread and start a discussion about this, let’s see what other people think about it :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Victor,

I just joined the community to see if there is a way to create sub sections within the Collections tab.

When I import my files I create a main collections label but I cannot creat a second label to store particular story arcs separately. For instance…

Wolverine Collection : Old Man Logan : Book 1
:Book 2

Am I missing something or is there an option to sub divide the folder files…

Hello @Colmwalsh
Thank you for joining the community! :smiley:

I am afraid it is not possible to create subsections… this was a decision we took from the very beginning. We are aware some users might like to have this feature but it won’t be something we will consider in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I hope you are enjoying Panels :slight_smile: