Large Files Fail to Download Properly

Good morning!

Whenever I try to import larger omnibus comics (200MB+) from my NAS, the file always fails.

When I tap try again, it continues to download from about the 90% mark and repeatedly fails. After 5-10 re-attempts, the file finally just stops downloading at the 93-98% mark, and shows “failed” in red, under the downloads section.

Everything under 100 megabytes loads fine immediately. It is only larger files that cause this frustration. CBR and CBZ format. Any help would be appreciated, as I just purchased the premium edition , and love the app. But many of my comics are in Omnibus format (200-500 megabytes)

Thank you!

latest iOS update. iPad Pro 12.9 2nd generation

Have you tried restarting the nas? I have the same iPad I don’t use a nas. I use a hard drive plugged into my router with smb and it loads any file size no problem.

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