Laggy vertical scrolling

Hello! In vertical scroll mode every page transition causes significant lag. Archives with lots of short pages are specifically hard to read. Using ipad Air 2013.

Thank you @Canzona
As we mentioned in another post, we are finishing our Panels 2.0 release (which focuses on the library). The next release will improve the readers, specially the vertical one that as you pointed out is very laggy with some comics.

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Also take into consideration what was mentioned in a previous post

Really great work guys, keep it up. :heart:PANELS


Thank you, it’s much better now.
One more thing to fix, when you jump to another page from page selector in vertical scroll, you see black screen until you start scrolling.
Also, I would like to see seamless transitions for vertical mode.

@Canzona awesome, that is great to know.

Yep. Next big release will be focused on improving the readers, including better transitions, and even new reading modes.

In the meantime, thanks for bearing with us

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