Komga Support

There is new software to manage your collections with a modern API and a Plex-like philosophy.

It would be great to see an integration (like Ubooquity) with this library manager in the future.

Here all the info:



Thank you @johanderohan

We were aware of Komga and we will study the possibility of supporting it in the future. Thank you for your suggestion.

Hi Victor, Komga developer here.

Komga has both a native rest api with page streaming and file download, the page streaming support on the fly conversion of images, for example for webp which doesn’t have good support on iOS.

It also support opds, and is compatible with the same page streaming extension that ubooquity uses (minus the optional image resizing parameters).

Feel free to reach out if I can help you with the implementation. We also have a discord server if that helps.

Hey @Gotson :wave:

Actually, I’ve been working on implementing OPDS support, using Komga for testing. It’s almost ready and next version of Panels will include it.

Streaming support won’t come in this release, but it’s something we want to support shortly.

Outstanding work BTW, I love Komga. I’m planning to migrate my personal server to Komga this weekend :smile: