Keep running (Webserver)


how to keep the app (web-server) running (Except to change the auto-turn-off-time in the global setting of the iPhone), when the device locks (turns off display) themself?

I’ve looked into background-refresh/services in the General setting of the iPhone, but Panels isn’t listed there.

As soon the phone locks, the web-server connection is gone.

Unfortunately, there is no way of keeping the web server running if the app goes to sleep.
We considered enabling the “keep display always on” feature while the server is running, but given that now it’s always running when Panels is open, enabling might cause issues to users who don’t use the webserver.

Ideally, the app would keep the display on while files are being transferred. But the open-source web server that we use does not offer that information. The app is notified only when a file upload completes.

I could only think of adding a global option in Panels settings to enable “keep display always on” manually.

If this feature is only necessary for the web-server, why doesn’t put it like a toggle to the web-server start/stop dialog?

So the user can turn it on, if he thinks it is necessary. And it auto-toggles off, when the user stops the server via stop-button. Or isn’t that possible?

That is possible, and that’s how it used to work. But we used to get a lot of questions from users not knowing they had to turn the server on manually. So we decided to keep it always on for the sake of simplicity.
The concept of an embedded web server that you have to turn on/off to make a feature work, requires some technical knowledge that not all users have.

We might consider reverting that change.
We will release something soon.

The next version of Panels will include that switch to manually enable/disable the “always on display” feature.
I remembered that the server is turned off by default when you install the app. It will only autostart if you started it before. So this won’t affect users that don’t use the web server :relieved:

I hope that works :wink: