Join Panels beta

If you want to join Panels beta, use the following link. This will give you early access to new versions and will help us gather more feedback before submitting to the App Store.

Join the beta testing

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How often are the beta updates pushed ? I joined it but the version that’s on there is from Oct 7th

As often as our main jobs allow us :sweat_smile:

Sorry. We try to have at least one release a month, but sometimes is a bit difficult to keep the pace. We are only two developers working in our spare time.

Also, we’ve been working on a pretty big release recently and is taking us more time than a regular release.

But a new one will be out in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks for your patience and support :heart:

Right just the way it was worded in the newest 1.8 post made it seem like it was on the beta for download

My fault @Greg . The beta is not ready yet, but we want as many people as possible to join so we can distribute to everyone in the list once it is ready.