Items not showing in Reading Now

I’ve noticed a couple of issues with the Reading Now section of the app lately:

  1. PDFs don’t appear at all. If I navigate to where the PDF is in the Library, then I do see the progress indicator at the bottom of the cover and I am able to resume from where I left off, but it never shows in Reading Now.

  2. Many items don’t show in Reading Now until my progress is around 30%. If I’m reading a long chapter/issue, this gets a bit annoying, as I have to navigate to the Library instead despite already having read quite a bit. It also makes the widget a little useless, which is unfortunate because I like using it to quickly get back to whatever it is that I’m currently reading. It would be amazing if something would show up in Reading Now if I’ve made any progress beyond the first page.

Thanks for the feedback @adamnowek

This is what I think it’s happening: We have a minimum reading time of 30 secs to allow reading sessions to appear in the Reading Now section. Up to a couple of months ago, we didn’t have a way to delete/hide reading sessions. We added the 30 seconds requirement to prevent reading sessions from showing up just by opening a file. But now that we have a way to delete/hide them, I totally agree they should show up right away.

Could you confirm they appear if the time spent reading is above 30 seconds and the current page is at least the second page (3rd if you count the cover)?

We’ll probably remove these requirements in the next version.