Issue with OPDS Komga : Blank Covers

Hello ! I have an issue with Komga. I configure my Komga server opds url in my Panels app. It works, and all my series are here.

When I open a serie, all comics are here but with a blank cover. I can open them et it works perfectly, but it’s ugly and not so practical when I look for an issue and remember the cover and not the issue number.

Does someone have the same issue ? Is it a bug with Panels ? Can I adjust something on my side ?

Thank you in advance

Hey @Varkal
Can you share the OPDS feed where you expect thumbnails? Also, I would appreciate a screenshot to ensure I understand the issue.

Hello @dani ,

Thanks four your answer. I found a solution : the opds feed was using local urls (

I update my nginx configuration for search and replace those pattern with the right domain and now all works perfectly

sub_filter_once off;
sub_filter_types *;
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:raised_hands: that makes sense. Thanks for letting me know