Issue with double page view


I noticed while reading mangas on my iPad that when switching to landscape mode, I cannot pick the page that will be displayed on the right side.

After searching on the board, I found a thread about the fact that picking the right page while in portrait before switching would allow to pick what page would be on the left side of the screen but whatever page I pick between the one that is supposed to be there, it always go back to the default view. As my files probably miss a blank page that would “push” all in the right order, it sometimes result in mismatch with the panel being followed by the incorrect page with no way to fix that.

Is there any way to do that ?

Thank you for your help


I have the same issue or similar issue, but it seems to occur because the first (sometimes also second page) and because of that The last page gets ignored as part of the spreads, which is really bad when the last two pages are one spread. Ignoring the first image seems to cause more issue than it helps at least with manga and while I also read one can pick the pages to be displayed it’s really hit or miss on my end or I haven’t understood the function. Some have mentioned there should be a tongle to simply turn of the reader trying to guess which pages are irrelevant and I think this would fix a lot of the manga reading issues.

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