Issue with certain comics not importing

I have about 70 comics out of 600 that won’t import. I’ve tried iTunes and iCloud. I’ve tried importing to a library and to the general area for comics but neither works. I restart the phone, erased all the comics and tired smaller batches but the exact same comics won’t import.

Hi @Krazedjer211

Could you send us any of your failing comics to panels [at] produktstudio [dot] com?

My guess is that we are not supporting that type of comic correctly.

For the records, @Krazedjer211 kindly sent us an example comic and it turns out that the file extension didn’t match the actual comic compression format (it was a cbr file compressed as a zip file).

We’ve just implemented a work around and next version of Panels will handle this case gracefully. As long as the inner format is correct, Panels will handle it correctly no matter the file extension.

Thanks @Krazedjer211 for your extremely valuable help.

We just released version 1.7.6 that solves this problem gracefully. You can now import a comic with the wrong extension that it will be handled correctly.