Issue on closing “reading now” page

This seems to be a new problem that’s been happening for a week now, but not often. The page gets stuck in between and the app doesn’t function, but it works fine when I close it entirely and reopen it.

Ouch. Thanks for the report. It looks like the transition is being interrupted, blocking the rest of the UI.
Sorry for the inconvenience. We will look into this :pray:

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Sorry to disturb you guys again! I want to know the progress status of this issue; is it getting or has it been fixed? Cause I’m still having the problem while scrolling down the notification bar or the control center.

I have linked the screen record of the error for a better explanation.

Hey @Vyajr99 , I don’t think this was on our radar.
Thanks for the video, I was able to reproduce the issue. We will look into it shortly.