Is there any way to read comics/pdfs in two page mode?

Howdy. In the past, I have always read in portrait mode, but I recenlty upgraded to a 12.9 inch Pro. Its easily big enough to read in landscape more, but I hate all the dead space on the sides.

Is there any way to set the program to show two pages at a time? If not, if this a feature you would consider?


Hello @MrMLK

Thank you for reaching us and use the forum.

We are definitely considering it. Next Panels version will include new reading modes (hopefully we will be sending a new beta soon). One of the new modes was supposed to be double-page… however it is more difficult to implement than it looks like. I am not sure yet if we will include it in this release or we will wait until we are more confident with it.

The main problem is the wide variety of cbr/cbz files. There is no standard when it comes to comic files, so it is difficult to make assumptions. Some files contain a few covers at the beginning, some files contain some pages already joined…

Having said that, we are very keen to implement this reading mode and we will do our best to bring to Panels sooner or later.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Maybe as a preliminary effort, only support it for PDFs. That should be easier and still be helpful to a lot of people.