Is it possible to add some configurable paddings?

I came across Panels when searching for “manga app that supports live text”, and I’ve been using it ever since, hands down THE best manga reader on iOS, wonderful job!

Quick question, is it possible to add some configurable paddings to each page? The reason I’m asking is that, I read manga in horizontal mode, the iPhone dynamic island is pretty annoying as it blocks the content a little bit, it would be great if Panels could allow me to add 10% of padding left and right, that would “hide” the dynamic island from the screen.

Hello @Tyy

Thanks for the kind words.

Can you try turning off “Full screen reading”? This mode is supposed to account for dynamic island. Let us know if that fixes your issue

Thanks victor! Ah, it works! only with vertical scroll preset though (I don’t use the standard preset as it puts two page side by side, which makes the text too small to read), still, great work. However maybe because of the source file problem, the page size changes from time to time. Looks like I have to stick with full screen preset then, thanks again!