İpad 10.3.4 Restore Purchase Problem

Hello. I’m using panels premium on my iPhone since it’s released and constantly tipping it because you guys rocks! (insert appreciation emoji here)

Anyways, I recently bought a really old iPad which is updated to ios 10.3.4 max. I downloaded Panels but when I tried to restore my purchases it says couldn’t restore any product! How can i fix this? Thanks.


Hey @SD_E sorry about the inconveniences.

You’re the one who rocks! Thank you so much for your support.

Can you give us some more information? What Panels version are you using? We stopped supporting iOS 10 when we released Panels 2.0, so I guess you’re using 1.x.

Can you send us an email/DM with your support identifier?

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I send it. Thanks.

Got it! It looks like you’re using Panels 1.12.5, and the in-app purchase you made doesn’t exist in that version. I’ll send you a promocode to redeem the old in-app purchase by email, so you can unlock Premium on it.

Keep in mind that Panels 1.12.5 is quite different from the current one, and most of the new features don’t exist in that version.

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Thanks Dani. Where do i type the promo code. I dod not see anywhere to put it.

In the AppStore. Promocodes have to be redeemed in the AppStore app. If you go to your profile in the AppStore, you should find a button called “Redeem Gift Card or Code”