iOS 13 bug 1/2 Google Acct “reading progress” broken

Hello folks, is this bug just me? It seems that in iOS 13 “Reading Progress via Google Account” is totally broken. When I login to Google from my main account:

1/ Any comic that I close will be reset to 0% progress once I leave a folder for the “All Titles” view. This happens consistently enough that I have to log out of Google and just not sync.
2/ Titles are not consistently displayed in the “Recent” view when they are opened/read on other devices. Some comics I’m reading/read never appear.

I’ve tried this in the stable build as well as the beta builds including the one released today. I also tried (only in this new Nov 9 build) to try another Google account. It “sort of” fixes the problems but if I add my other devices (older iPad, Pro, and iPhone) then the problems come back.

So I’m running “No Google account or sync” in iOS 13. Questions:

Am I the only one seeing this?

To the devs: Are there any other workarounds? And/or, can we get a “reset libary database” feature?

Thanks for reading… —Leo

Hi @Leoofborg
This is not happening only to you. It’s a known bug and we are still investigating it. We haven’t changed any of that logic recently, but the bug definitely appeared with iOS 13. We are unsure that the bug is due to iOS 13 itself, or a bug/logic change in the Firebase SDK + iOS 13.

We’ll keep digging until we find a way to fix it. More Testflight builds will be sent in the upcoming days.

Thank you so much for all your testing and reports. They are very helpful. :raised_hands:

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Hi Dani. I can confirm that the Google sync / reading progress issue seems to be fixed in the current 1.11.1 build released 20 November.

It seems that the fixes are “1 behind” in the builds?

The Open in… bug might be fixed in the next build?