İos 10.3.4 Restore Purchase Problem

Hello, I was opened the same subject in Dec.2020 but before then ı couldn’t be able to fix my problem with it. Now, ı handed back my iPad with iOS 10.3.4 and started to use panels with it. But as headline states, when I tried to restore my purchases it says couldn’t restore any product! How can i fix this? Thanks.

Note: Dani was helped me before then and offered promo code but that code didn’t worked so I couldn’t be able to restore my premium.

(I thought about buying it second time for iPad but since then use/try exchange rate whent bazinga and says premium price 75 Turkish lira so its a lot for me.)

Im taking this error when trying to use promo code that Dani gave it to me.

Not 100% certain but I think the app now requires iOS 12 or higher

I’m using it on my iOS 10.3.4 iPad right now. Maybe its the new requirement.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much control over the in-app purchases. Purchases occur in the AppStore context and the only thing the app receives is a confirmation or an error. But we can’t troubleshoot AppStore related issues :sweat:
If you’re having problems redeeming the promo code we sent you, you’re going to have to contact Apple customer support. Because we can’t activate a premium account from our end.

Regarding the minimum iOS supported version:
Panels stopped supporting iOS 10 in version 2.0.2 in Jul 2020.
And iOS 11 in version 2.1.3 which was released in Sep 2020.