Incorrect Zoom/Fit

The first two (2) pages, after opening, are incorrect zoom/fit in both landscape and portrait modes. This is on “Default”. See attached images for landscape view.

This image shows portrait view.

Hi @baconcow could you give us some more information? What version of Panels are you using?
Does this happen with any comic or just that one in specific? Could you share that file with us to try to reproduce the problem?

I am running the latest version of Panels. This was happening yesterday. It has happened with all of the comics (all .cbz) that I have tested. I will try to make an iOS video of the issue and upload it. I should mention that it also happens in mid-comic, too, usually only for a couple of pages at a time before correcting itself.

I’m also experiencing the same issue.

Support Info:
Version: 2.1.5 Build: 202010021602 Env: Production
Support Identifier:

It happens on the first few pages when I open a new book under Next Up and on the next page on books in Reading Now, e.g. I open a book that’s on pg 56 then if I go to page 55 or 57 then it shows zoomed out page then is fixed on any subsequent pages. I’m reading cbz files.

The way Lea describes it is exactly how I am seeing it.

Thank you all.
We have identified the issue (which only affects iOS 13) and will update the app soon.

I’m not sure if this is the same issue but for me this occurs mid-comic when I close the app and return, the page has shrunk to one edge or shows half of the current page and part of the next page.

This is on the latest version of iOS 14 and v2.1.5.

Hi @sachin

This is fixed already in 2.1.6. :wink: