Improvements to panels view

Hi, I’m just wondering if there are any planned improvements to the panels view. I recently saw another comic reader app called “smart comic reader” that has an excellent panels mode that allows you to zoom out slightly without exiting panels view, auto rotate based on aspect ratio of panel and quickly enter/exit panels view.

It also has full fledged files integration (which if I understand is currently being worked on for panels) but that’s besides the point.

One of the main reasons I purchased panels premium is the panels view reader, because this was not found in basically any other app at the time. While for my specific use case, the “smart comic reader” app seems better suited, I feel more invested in the “Panels” app as I have premium and have been using this for much longer.

My question comes down to: are there any planned changes in how the panels view operates and (wishful thinking) could there be a possible of collaborating with the team behind the “smart comic reader” app?


Can’t download that app cause it needs iOS 14, but it looks amazing. I like how it shows outside of a panel. This is something I wanted in Panels for quite some time already. And autorotation is simply awesome. Definitely need this.