Importing (via web server) in latest version

With the latest change of no inbox, all the imported comics get put into the library without an option to put them in a collection.
Is there a way to add the new comics directly to the collection? ATM they are all mixed with current collections.

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Hating how I need to go through my library to look for my imports so I can store them into a collection.

We are sorry that this change caused you such inconvenience. We’ll keep iterating and try to improve these flows.

Please, read what we have to say regarding this topic.

I must say that it’s very … frustrating selecting 30-40 imported comics to move them to a collection and not select a preexisting collection.

If nothing else, maybe sort collections 1st and then single issues?

It would be nice to have an option to import a collection all at once. I dunno how complex that would be for you, though.

I think the biggest issue is the amount of steps it takes through the UI to organize your issues it takes

  1. Import comic
  2. Find it in library
  3. Hold press to add to collection
  4. Assuming you’ve already got a collection made, hit cancel when the app assumes you want to make a new collection every time
  5. Find the collect you want, select it
  6. Hit back to exit the collection so you can get back to the library and restart the process.

I love the app and use it a lot, and that amount of use is what highlights how cumbersome it has become, I could not imagine starting new and having to import a large collection of books into it as it currently stands.

I figure auto-adding into collections would probably take some time, but a good middle ground might be to reinstate the inbox as an optional staging ground, IE select an option of where you want your new imports to go first, library or inbox, and then please get rid of the add to new collection default option when you click “add to collection” having to go “no, I don’t want to type in a new collection” for every single issue is perhaps the thing that’s most intrusive and annoying.

Pleas give this a look Panels 2.4 beta including Recently imported

We’re probably removing the auto-focus on the input field when selecting a collection.
But I don’t understand why you would have to do that for every single comic :thinking::thinking: you can select multiple comics and add them in batch to a collection.

It’s mostly because often when I’m importing it’s a batch of comics that will make their way into separate collections, so if I’m say importing 10 comics that go into separate series, it proves to take a good chuck of time to get them all organized and that auto focus step as you call it just gets in the way.

We’ll change that shortly. Probably early January. That change didn’t make the cut for the upcoming release but will make it to the next after that one.

The one thing that is still preventing me from switching over from Comic Zeal is the import functionality. When I import 10-20 comics a week, it is imperative that they automatically put themselves into the appropriate collection based on their file name. I’m a premium member, and love the app. Love following the progress. Once importing is made easy I will switch in a heartbeat.

The functions I can’t live without:

  1. ability to create “empty” collections as place holders for future releases
  2. when importing, comics automatically load into their appropriate collection based on file name
  3. If no collection with that name exists, the collection is automatically created

Keep up the good work!

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