Importing comics to new collection

I don’t know if you know this one.
Importing and Adding a comic to a new series, the keyboard does not appear. After pressing the “x” to quit, the keyboard appears for a very short time on the top on the iPad. Then pressing “+” keyboard appears correct and everything is fine.
I sent you a little screen video.

…another thing:
Panel mode iPad 12.9” 2017 and iPhone 7 in landscape
When panels or Gutter are not detected a full screen view is offered. Zooming in by pinch to zoom and the page will stick or glue to the right side of the iPad. All the frames on the right side of the page are cut off. Your finger has to stay on the tablet if you want to pull the page to the left side. Otherwise it will rebound to the right side.
Video is in you mailbox.

I love your App.

Hi @Japga
Thank you for loving Panels :smile: and for submitting these bugs. I have seen the emails, thank you for the videos, they are very helpful.
I have added them to our roadmap and hopefully will be fixed in the next Panels version.