Import via Google Drive fails in background

I’ve noticed on my iPad that when I start to import comics from Google Drive, if I switch to another app before the import is complete, placing Panels in the background, whatever downloads are left to complete fail. I have to restart each download manually. Shouldn’t the downloads continue even if Panels is running in the background? Is there some iPad or Panels option I need to enable?

This is quite tricky. iOS has support for downloading files in the background, but only HTTP/S downloads.
This works by delegating the file download to iOS, so it can continue downloading the file even if the app is killed.

The current Google Drive SDK we are using does not provide a URL to download the file. It returns chunks of data that need to be combined by the app. So there is no way to delegate this work to iOS.

We are looking into upgrading the Google Drive SDK to its latest version soon. But I haven’t checked whether the new SDK works differently or not.

Panels tries to keep the app alive while downloading files from third-party services, but there’s not much we can do when the app goes to the background.

Maybe we can improve this with their new SDK. Maybe not. For now, we recommend that you keep the app in the foreground while downloading files. I know it’s not ideal. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Not a problem. I was more curious than annoyed. I appreciate your detailed response. Thanks.