Import from Files app issue on IPadOS

Hi! On my IPad import files from Files app (Files located on iPad itself) stopped working both from inside Panels app through “Import from Files” Button and when I am inside Files app and try to send file to Panels app.

When I try to import files inside app in most cases loading circle appears after “select” and “open” buttons pressing in Files App inside Panels import menu and nothing happens. Sometimes it works and it returns to home screen of Panels where covers are located and loading line appears at the top of the app and after it is completed in the end comics do not appear in the Panels app.

I also connected OneDrive to the Panels app and it works fine, but importing from local Files app would be more convenient.

I tried to delete app and install it once again, hard reload of Ipad, “empty library” and “reset” button inside the app but still issue is not fixed - cannot import files from local Files app.

Please help.

Hello @eldaramirov

Thank you for joining our community.

This is clearly a bug. I have noted it and hopefully we will be able to fix it in the next release.