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Hi there,

I am an absolut beginner and have a stupid question before I buy the app.

I have all my comics stored in my Mac. Is it possible to import these comics to my iPad just by connecting the iPad with usb and then going to my finder and click and drop them?
Any help would be great and please forgive my bad English
Best wishes

Easiest way is goto the library and import it through the built in server feature.

Thank you, but I really need to know if I can import the comics with the Mac finder and usb connection to the iPad.
Best wishes

Should pop up under file share in finder.

Thanks @Greg
Exactly, if you connect your iOS device to your mac you can access to it via Finder. Then find Panels app and drop the comics there to transfer them.
You can also airdrop them.

Before the latest update I could create a local server to import my comics wirelessly, now I can’t.

I see options for OPDS and SMB, but none of them work. :confused:

Hey @DiHobbes

We moved the WebServer into Settings. No idea how to upload now that Embeded Web Server is gone

We’ll improve the design in future versions to make it more discoverable.

Let us know if that was what you were looking for.

Amazing, yes that’s what I was looking for. :+1:

I was expecting the web server to be one more option to import files on the import services option.

Thank you.

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