Im new on this

What is different about become premium: small tip medium and large

Just the amount of support :wink: all of them unlock exactly the same features.

I just also became a premium member . But i did not receive any Tips !!!
What shall i expect now ? Also why i am being asked for more money now for the Tips again !,!
Please i need some guidance

Yo don’t receive any tips after becoming Premium. The “tips” (as in money, not as extra information) are for us.
When you become Premium you can choose what amount of money you want to pay for the app, we offer you 3 different options.
After becoming Premium, we do not ask for more money. But if you like the app, if you feel like you should give us some recognition for a new feature or for good customer support or whatever other reason, you can choose to give us another tip.
Tips (payments) help us improving the app, but we will never ask you to pay more, it is your choice if you want to do it.