iCloud / Files import issue on iPadOs 14

Noticed that when I import comics through Files I no longer can select more than one comic at once - the far right side option is “cancel”, while in the Files app it’s Select. I used to use Select to grab multiple comics at once to import.

This still works fine on my phone running iOS 13 (select is next to cancel, while on iPad with iPadOs 14 it shows the “grid / view” icon).

Hi @Rylock

Unfortunately, the Files picker is a native iOS component and we don’t have any control over it :sweat:

The missing “Select all” button is a very well known bug in UIDocumentPickerViewController that hasn’t been fixed yet. It’s been around for a while and appears randomly.

Even the suggested work around doesn’t always fix the problem.

Try switching between the Recents and Browse tabs.

I hope I could give you a better answer, but there’s nothing we can do about it, other than wait for Apple to fix it. :disappointed:

Maybe its an iPadOS 14 thing, but that workaround used to work in the old version of the app, but no longer. And I can see select fine if I go directly into files first, just if I enter it from Panels it doesn’t ever seem to appear. Hah, crazy.

Thanks for the reply, hopefully Apple fixes it eventually!