iCloud - Comics only displayed if downloaded on device

I recently downloaded the new Panels 3 on my iPad and added my iCloud library with a folder with all of my comics in it. When opening my library, I noticed some of the comics were displayed fine and available to view and others were white squares and weren’t available to view.

I finally figured out that the app was only showing comics that were stored on my device. Anything that wasn’t stored on my device, but still in my iCloud account did not display. I assumed that it would display all items regardless if they’re in the cloud or on the device. Is this something that will get addressed in a future update? Or am I doing something wrong?

This happens to me as well. It will correctly scan my entire iCloud Drive folder and make sub folders and titles of everything, but only items currently downloaded will open. If I try to download an item that is not currently downloaded, it will immediately fail. In order to read something, I need to go to the Files app, download it, then go back to Panels and open it. If I try to delete the same item from Panels, it will attempt to completely delete it from iCloud. If I go back to the Files app, I am able to just remove the download at which point Panels just shows a white page for that item.

Thanks for the report folks. It sounds like the iCloud connection is not working correctly for you.

Could you join our Discord server so we can discuss this topic with a shorter feedback loop?

We will need to send you a couple of beta builds to gather more information and find out what’s going on.

Feel free to join and open a thread in the #bug-reports channel.

Thanks @dani. I just opened a thread in the #bug-reports channel in Discord.

FYI @LouisPiper, if you want to add any extra info there.

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Awesome! Thanks!!