How to purchase?

I’d love to see y’all partner with local comic book shops so I can purchase from them and read on this reader. It would be interesting if you offered an embeddable or shopify-like checkout screen that local shops could place on their sites. That way, the local shop stays open, they help you get more distribution, you can take a small percentage of each sale to support your work, and we all stop supporting Apple.

Thanks for the feedback @csakon

But I’m not sure I fully get the idea. You mention “local comic book shops”, but Panels is a digital comic reader. How would a local comic shop sell a digital comic? :thinking:
Also, purchases of digital goods in iOS are required to use Apple’s in-app purchase. You can’t sell anything digital from an app circumventing Apple.

Nevertheless, selling stuff is completely out of our scope.

Just as bit of related user feedback, I really like that Panels is a clean reader-focused interface. Many other comic viewers try to integrate stores into their app, and end up totally cluttering the experience.

If you ever move into content sales, please consider a totally separate app or webstore for that purpose. Please do not use Panels as a “vehicle” to push other monetization; if you need extra support for development, your satisfied users will be happy to support you!