How to I turn on sync?

I’m not sure how I can sync different devices together, plz help :sob:

Hi @Mohammed_Al_Ali

If you mean reading sessions synchronization you just have to sign in both devices with the same Google Account.

Panels doesn’t have any kind of file synchronization.

Hope it helps

Do the comics need to live in Google or is just syncing metadata?

Panels does not offer content syncing, only reading sessions.

If you import the same file on two different devices, you’ll be able jump from one to the other and continue reading on the same page.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve every time I try to test it my iPad never gets the reading session of my iPhone. I’ve tried getting the file from files open in panels, and opds through ubooquity. Does one import method work better than another to get the reading session?

The import method should be irrelevant. Files are copied into the devices and the reading session sync is done based on the binary hash.

The only requirement is having the same file on both devices and log-in using the same account.

Are you signed in using the same account?

Same Apple ID on both devices and shared the file through files app using the share sheet. Read a few a pages and go to my iPad and the pages books aren’t in sync.

When you say “same Apple ID” you mean on the system? or did you log into Panels with the same Apple ID? (as in Apple Sign-In)

If you signed into Panels and it still doesn’t work, could you write to me on DM and send your Support Identifier? You’ll find it at the bottom of the settings screen inside the app.

That’s what I was missing all set thanks for the help.

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