How to have comics in two folders?

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As someone that uses panels for my comics, is there anyway to have comics in two folders?

As fun as crossovers are, I like keeping things together, so when a crossover happens, it gets its one folder, but means the normal title is missing issues, is there any way to put a title in two folders without renaming and adding them again?

For example, the Venom cross over, King In Black which encompasses at least three titles I read separately and I really want to be able to put them in their Marauders, Venom and whatever other titles I’m reading too.

Thanks in advance for any help


As far as I know Collections are the Folders you want-- but they’re more like tags or a “smart folder”, not really file folders per se.

You can try this in Panels. Add a comic to one collection. Then make another “folder” (Collection) and add it again.

Your comic is in both Collections. In the UI they look like Folders. :smile:

You can make as many “Empty Collections” as you want and file comics in there as you want. Handy when you Download 20 comics and filter them in “Recent Imported.”

You can delete the comic from one Collection, but there’s no UI that shows that the comic is in multiple collections or which collections it’s still in.

But it does show in either one until you “Delete from device.”

Yep. That’s pretty much accurate. We are currently working on some changes in the Library to make collections be actual folders in the file system. This change will bring some small improvements in the UI that will make organizing your files much easier.
You’ll still be able to put a comic in two different collections without duplicating your files.

This is mostly true, but there’s a way to get that information. It’s probably too hidden and we should probably put it in the library too. But if you Search for a comic and then long-tap on it to present the contextual menu, there’s a “show containing collection”. If you tap on it, it will take you to the collection containing that title, or will show you a list of all the collections where it is in.

It’s not the greatest UX, but we’ll improve this in the future :wink:


I’ve been struggling with the exact same issue as this post and would really appreciate some assistance.

Anytime i add a comic to one collection and try to add it to another, it never works.


Hey @Pygmurs

could you share with us how you’re trying to add it to another collection? We just tested it and works fine for us.

Thanks for the reply!
My bad, I should’ve clarified. Adding to another collection is fine, but if i try to have the duplicate comics have two seperate names, it keeps one name for both comics. For example I could have a comic thats the 3rd issue in its series but 12th in an event arc, but cant have them named as 03 Comic in one folder and 12 Comic in the other.

Gotcha! yeah! it’s like that by design. It’s not really a bug. At the moment, there’s no way to duplicate a file in Panels. Even if you try to import it twice, the app finds that file is already in the library and only creates a reference to the existing file. If you add a comic to two different collections and rename it, it gets renamed in both collections. There’s no way to have two different names for the same comic.

That is going to change soon. We are going to move to a file-system-based library, where collections will be folders and comics files. You will be able to duplicate a file and even create symbolic references with different names. But for now, that is still not possible.

We are aiming to release a beta with the new file-system-based library in the upcoming weeks/month.

Awesome, appreciate the insight!

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